smartEN - smart energy management

smartEN is an energy monitoring and management solution that can be installed in residences, commercial buildings or industries.

For residences, smartEN is installed at the incoming mains. The data is transferred to the wysine cloud through WiFi or cellular networks. The data and analytics can be viewed through a secure web based smartEN portal.

For commercial buildings and industries, smartEN can be installed at the incoming mains as well at other key points such as generators, UPS supply, solar inverters and sub-panels. The data from these sources is integrated to present a unified view. The data and analytics can be viewed through a local network as well as through the secure web based smartEN portal.

Since the solution is IP based, multiple locations can be consolidated, analysed and viewed.


Utility companies do little more today than providing a bill at the end of the month reflecting the total usage for the month and the amount to be paid. While a few utilities do provide basic historical data, it is still insufficient to indicate potential efficiency opportunities. Understanding the nature of operations and consumption patterns will help in optimizing the energy demand without compromising on user comfort.


Real time monitoring of energy consumption provides actionable information. The monitoring can be done at different levels - from the incomer to the device level.


Use the real time information and analytics to take actions that will help reduce energy consumption

You would finally be able to take control of your energy usage - be smart about energy....